Whale & Dolphin watching

The travel destination Mirissa which is just 10 minutes drive from Jagabay Resort is one of the best locations in Asia for Whale watching and Dolphin watching expeditions. This activity is the practice of observing Whales and Dolphins in their natural habitat. The requirement may be recreational or to serve scientific and/or educational purposes, We at Jagaboat Whale watching in Mirissa offers full range of facilities & services with our own fully insured brand new boats and well experienced crew.

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WATER SPORT AT WELIGAMA BAY– just infront of the hotel

Weligama bay is very eye catching and it is one of the best beach in the island for beach holiodays. Many water sports centers are located on the Eastern side of Weligama bay, one of the most beautiful bays in Sri Lanka, famous for its white sand and the coconut palms which fringe the beach. The bay is protected by natural coral reef which makes it excellent for snorkelling, diving and sailing. Many surfers come to the bay as there are some exciting surfing spots in this area. Most recently kite surfers have also discovered Weligama.In the middle of the bay you can see Tabrobane Island with the surprising house on the top of the tiny rocky island. Weligama Bay is a natural paradise for water sports enthusiasts of all kinds.
Mirissa is a small beach town and a fishing port located on the Southern tip of Sri Lanka. Mirissa Beach is sandwiched between the towns f Welligama and Matara and it is about 35 KM or 45 minutes drive from the fort city of Galle. It it 150 km from Colombo – the capital city of Sri lanka. Mirissa is reported to have .the prettiest beach on the South coast. with clean sand, calm water and safe swimming.While the main focus in Mirissa is the beach, it is a good starting point for excursions, especially to the Yala National Park.A short distance to the interior you can find rubber and coconut plantations, ancient temples and spice gardens.

MIRISSA BEACH – 10 minutes

Unlike Tangalle and the beaches further along the coast, the shoreline of Mirissa beach gracefully slides into the ocean and there is no dangerous shelving making it a great place to bring kids and to leave them alone without too much worry. You can walk out into the water for about 20 meters before the water becomes waist deep. Beaches further up the coast have sharp drops and hidden shelving in the sands.


The Mirissa Fisheries Harbour was established in the year 1966 in a land area of 2.44 hectares and the harbor basin covers 7 hectares. It has a Quay wall of 458 meters and a main breakwater and a sub breakwater. It is very popular activity to visit the harbor.

SEE THE STILL FISHERMEN IN ACTION – along the coastal area of the hotel

All along the southern coast of Sri Lanka you can spot wooden ‘stilts’ sticking up from the water. These wooden stilts are what local fishermen have traditionally used as fishing posts from which they catch their daily quota of fish. While the tradition is slowly dying out it is still posiible to see men fishing in this way particularly around Weligama and Ahangama but there are a few places along the Mirissa shoreline which have these fishing stilts sticking out of the water close to shore.


1Galle has one of the most beautiful old Dutch / Portugese forts in all of South East Asia. It is a port town and there is a thriving neighbourhood with the fort walls . Once inside you can walk around the old fort and get lost amongst all the small streets. Grab something to eat or quench your thirst with a orange coloured King Coconut and sit on the old walls and look out over the ocean.